Strategy and Business Development Services

You run a successful business that has achieved impressive growth with little external support, but have reached a plateau. The business is delivering good results, but does not have the capability or capacity to push on to the next stage of growth.

A clear strategy and business development programme to get to the next stage is required.This is a serious decision point and you will need external help from people with experience of successfully overcoming the sorts of challenges you are facing right now.

An experienced business person, preferably with powerful financial skills to deliver an integrated suite of strategy and business development services that are pan-organisational, is the answer.

A person of this calibre is hard to come by and is an expensive commodity. Halagen services secured on an outsourced basis will give you access to this expertise and a will yield a significant return on your investment with us. Call Halagen to find out how.


The rationale for our services is quite simply to make more money for our clients and help create a valuable business for them. Below are a sample of some of the services we have delivered for clients and the measurable benefits that have flowed". 

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Project Percent Programmes - Engaging Teams, Generating Profit

One of our key business development services are Project Percent Programmes

If everyone in a business realises how to make a 1% positive difference to the financial results, profits overall are likely to increase by up to 10% or more.

We meet this challenge by designing and delivering special (to the client) programmes that deliver this understanding. These are applied from Board to floor level and without exception, have a very, very high positive impact on the bottom line and cash performance.                     

Great people, great financial results

The businesses that make the most money are those that get the people bit right. It is a fact, especially as the economy picks up, that good people are very hard to find. We specialise in providing a tailored service to clients when recruiting finance teams, including FDs. The outcome of which is a stronger, more profitable organisation. 

Halagen's service is comprehensive and covers designing JD and person descriptions, through to CV sifting, structured initial interviews and advice on which candidate to employ.

Our service means that time is saved and expensive recruitment mistakes are avoided.

To get it right, call us on 01892 617820. 








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